PSC Science Suggestion 2024 Primary School Certificate Exam

To get the PSC Science Suggestion 2024, you need to follow our guidelines. We want to enhance your preparation further with a beautiful suggestion. Better results can be expected if there is a good suggestion. Since there are no more days left to start the exam, you need to be Strongly Prepared now. We are always trying to help you get prepared. That is why we made the PSC Science Suggestion with so much hard work. This will eliminate your fears about science and make you want to study. So let’s see what will be included in our suggestion.

PSC Science Suggestion

Many students get scared when they hear the name of science. Because science is a little difficult. But you should conquer science, not fear. Exclusive PSC Science Suggestion is created to remove your fear about science. This suggestion highlights very important chapter-based questions. Apart from this, there are many other things, including mark distribution, time index.

What will be found in our suggestion?

  • Full marks distribution
  • Several model questions
  • Chapter based suggestion
  • Created by experienced science study specialists
  • Special index

When will the PSC Science exam be held?

After seeing the routine we have found that the science exam will be held on 20th November, Wednesday. The exam’s duration is two and a half hours. The exam will start at 10 AM and will end at 1 PM.

Some information about science exam

  • Total marks: 100
  • Duration: two and a half hour
  • There will be a total of 3 questions
  • Multiple choice questions will carry 50 marks, the written test will carry 50 marks.
  • Time of exam: 10.30 AM to 1 PM.

PSC Science Question Pattern

You should know the number of distribution before participating in the exam. Otherwise, many questions that need to be answered can be untouched. If you know the full mark distribution system then you won’t have to hesitate about which question you will answer and which you won’t. So have a look at how many numbers are assigned to a question.

PSC Science Question Pattern

PSC science mark distribution

  • There will 50 multiple-choice questions. You have to answer them all. Each question carries 1 mark, in total 50 marks.
  • There will be 15 short questions. You have to answer them all. This segment carries 15 marks.
  • There will be 10 questions. Among the first eight questions, you have to answer 6 questions. From the last two questions, you have to answer one. Every question carries 5 marks and in total 35 marks.

PSC Science Suggestion Download

If we want to give you a good suggestion, naturally it will be a little bigger. So you have to download the suggestions we give you. Because we don’t want to interrupt your exam preparation with shortcut suggestions. Our recommendation extends to many exclusives and versatility. Important questions are highlighted separately.

PSC Science short Suggestion

PSC Science final Suggestion

We hope that you will get a lot of common questions from our suggestions. However, you should also practice from the textbook for more caution. And the less important questions will be read once. You will download the suggestion and try to give a test according to the suggestion once a week. This will make your preparation much better. Besides, it can be tested whether you can answer all the questions within a certain time. Then why the delay? Download the PSC Science suggestion right now.

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Final verdict

Never neglect the PSC Science Suggestion. If you can get prepared with this suggestion then a good result is a strong possibility. Good luck with your upcoming PSC exam.