PSC Result MarkSheet 2024, PEC Full Marksheet

PSC Result MarkSheet 2024, PEC Full Marksheet Everyone is eager to know the results after their exam. It is the human instinct. But you only would get the result in the previous time. You would get your MarkSheet after a long time. That situation has improved a lot. MarkSheet is now available along with the result on the same day. So, you would also get your full MarkSheet with PSC exam results this year. If you get the MarkSheet, then there is a clear idea about how many numbers you got in each subject. PSC Result MarkSheet will now be available online. To get the PSC Result MarkSheet, you have to complete a few simple steps.

Our today’s arrangement is for how easily you would get your Mark Sheet. We believe that everyone will get benefit from this. We would discuss everything openly. That is why no one will have any problem to understand. So let us now know all the details about the PSC MarkSheet.

When PSC Result MarkSheet 2024 Will Be Available?

It is not possible to confirm now when the PSC MarkSheet will be available. This is because you can see the MarkSheet with the result. As the result publication date is still not fixed, we cannot say anything right now. However, it can be said that the PSC result will be published in the last week of December. And on that day, you can see your PSC MarkSheet. You will have to wait till the result to get your MarkSheet. You can only get the detailed MarkSheet when the result is published. Everyone likes to get the result with the full MarkSheet.

PSC Result MarkSheet 2024

PSC Result 2024 Online

How To Get PSC Result Full MarkSheet

Getting PSC Result MarkSheet is a very easy job. No additional fees or burdens you need to take. You can know that sitting online. For that, first, visit:

Then find out the General Education/Ebtedayee button from the site menu. Then after clicking on that, the result page will come. Now you have to do everything in several steps. We are explaining everything here step by step so that you can understand easily.

Step 1: Select the exam name PSC at the beginning. However, those who are the candidates of Madrasha board should select Ebtedayee here.

Step 2: Now you have to select the year of your exam. Then you have to click on the drop down menu to select that 2024. Well, now you are done with the task of this stage.

Step 3: Now you have to select the division. Division means the 8 divisions of the country. Select the division under which your school is situated from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Then provide the name of the district of your school. Select the district in which the school is situated. You will get the name of all the districts in the drop down menu.

Step 5: Now you have to select the Upazila/thana. After selecting the district, select your thana/Upazila when the thana/Upazila of the district is loaded.

Step 6: Lastly, you have to provide the roll number of your final exam. You would get your roll number in the admit card. After typing the roll number, click on the submit button. Within a while, the results will appear with the MarkSheet.

PSC Result 2024 MarkSheet

What if you can get the MarkSheet immediately with your result? Yes, this is happening regularly as it is the time of the Internet and information flow. With the result, you can get the PSC MarkSheet as well. Nowadays, the results and MarkSheets are published at the same time. And that is also pretty easy to see. It is possible to know the detailed result by sending SMS from mobile or through the internet. There will be mentioned clearly how many numbers you got in every subject. We have already mentioned above how to get the MarkSheet. From there, you can see the system.

PEC Full MarkSheet 2024

The system of seeing the PEC MarkSheet is also similar to that of the PSC. So it is not necessary to discuss here separately. You have to do everything according to the procedure shown above. You just need to select the PSC instead of the PEC. Similarly, you have to write the EBT in the SMS. There is no more difference there.

PSC Result MarkSheet Via Sms

You can get your PSC MarkSheet by sending SMS. For that, you need to follow the procedure shown below.

Go to the message option and type:

DPE <space> Thana / Upazila Code <space> Roll Number <space> Send to 16222

Ebtedayee Students:

EBT<Space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<Space>Roll Number<Space>Send to 16222

Final Thought

We have presented beautifully about how to get the MarkSheet of the PSC exam result. Hopefully, you can do the job perfectly by using our tutorials. PSC Result 2024 MarkSheet is now available in both the online and via SMS systems. Everyone likes to get the result with the full MarkSheet.