PSC Result Mobile SMS System 2024 All Board

PSC Result Mobile SMS System for All Education Board. SMS is a popular way to publish the PSC result 2024. Yes, the result is also available in SMS. However, getting the results in SMS is a quite complex process. That is why many people mess it up. But in reality, this is a very easy task. For that, you just have to consider everything on a cool head. To know through PSC Result Mobile SMS, you need to message in a specific format. After you send the PSC Result 2024 Mobile SMS, you will be given the result in the return message.

The fact is interesting for many that how does the result come in the message? Similar to other SMS, you get the SMS of the result. You just need to open the message and read. Now let us start with the explanation of getting the DPE results through the SMS system.


PSC Result Mobile SMS 2024

From the beginning of the PSC examination, results are being published through mobile SMS. There will be no exception this year to this trend anymore. You can know the results of this PSC exam from home by sending SMS as like as the online system. But in the SMS process, you have to follow some specific formats. Because of which it seems very difficult for many. So let us remove all the difficulties today. We are going to describe the PSC Result Mobile SMS in a very fluent and easy way.

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PSC Result Mobile SMS System

How To Check PSC Result By SMS

You will have to follow a specific format to view the result through SMS. You need to remember, you will not get the results if you do it in another way. This is because the server can read only certain data. First, go to the message option of your mobile and type this way:

DPE <space> Student ID Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222

DPE – This is the exam code which indicates the primary education department. Type it as it is. If you change it, you will not get the result.

Student ID number – Here, you have to write the student ID number of your PSC exam. You will get it on your admit card. Just Type it as it is here. If it is wrong, you will get the wrong result.

Passing Year – Type here 2024 as you are passing in 2024.

Now you are done with writing the SMS. Now send it to 16222. Your results will appear in a short span of time.

For Example: DPE 112015678956677 2024; send this to 16222

সমাপনী পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট

PSC Result SMS Format

You must need to send SMS following the format. Otherwise, you would not get your result. Since the system is according to the automated format, there is no way to go out of this way. So now have a look at the full SMS format.

DPE <space> Student ID Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222

PEC Result SMS Format

Similar to the school result, you would also get the Madrasha board result through SMS. The system is also the same. It means that you would get the results through messages from the server of the primary education department. To know the Ebtedayee final results, you have to send SMS in the specific format. We would like to show you how to do that. Now take a look at the SMS format for Madrasha students.

EBT <space> Student ID Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222

Final Thought

When we wanted to see the results, we had to do a lot and only people of the 90s know it well. To get the result, we needed to go to the center. But you all are now so much lucky enough that you can know everything sitting at your home? And you are also getting your result with the full mark sheet. We had to wait more or less two months to get the mark sheet. Due to the publication of the PSC Result Mobile SMS system, it is possible to get the results in less time even without an internet connection. We wish all the best for all of your PSC results.