PSC Grading System 2024 and Calculate GPA For Ebtedayee Exam

Nowadays the result of PSC examination also published in the PSC grading system 2024. The grading system result is different from the previous division based system. That is why many people get it with difficulties. Besides, many people do not know how many marks make what grade. Only a few people know what grade you would get based on how many points. To reduce these problems, we are making this tutorial for the PSC Grading System. We are going to discuss the PSC grading system and clear all sort of problems.

However, no matter what is the system of publishing the result, to get a good result, you must do well in the exam. Meanwhile in studying, today you may know everything about the grading system. Let us discuss the main topic now.

PSC Grading System 2024 in Bangladesh

PSC examination is being held from 2009. However, the grading system was available before the PSC exam grading system. So, the result of PSC exam is published in the grading system. Till now, the system is unchanged. This year, the result will be published in the grading system also like the previous year. That means, the number, grade, and all other things will be like the previous year. But there are many people who forgot the grading system, what it was. Today our guideline is to make you remember all the things. Hopefully, after reading our review you would have no problem with the grading system.

How to Calculate GPA for PSC

Let us now explain you clearly how to calculate the PSC examination’s grading system. For this, it is going to be easy to all of you. Firstly, the grade point of each subject will be added. Then the total of the sum would be divided by the number of subjects that means 6. The final result of the calculation is your GPA or grade point average. Is that thing not clear? Let us explain it with an easy example. Suppose, you have made the following result:

Subject Obtained Grade points
Bangla 4
English 3.5
Math 5
General science 5
Social science 4
Islamic studies 5

Here your obtained grade point of the 6 subjects in total is 26.5. After dividing this number by 6, the result is 4.42. This is your GPA. Hopefully, now you are clear about this matter.

PSC Grading System 2018

PSC Result Mobile SMS System

PSC Exam / Ebtedayee Exam Grading System

You know how to calculate GPA but maybe you do not know what the grading system is.  If you do not know this, nothing is wrong. We would like to clear the PSC grading system too. We would describe all in the table such as how many numbers make you get which grade, number wise grading system etc. Now have a look at the table of PSC grading system below.

Number Grade Grade Point
80-100 A+ 5.00
70-79 A 4.00
60-69 A_ 3.50
50-59 B 3.00
40-49 C 2.00
33-39 D 1.00
00-32 F 0.00

 PSC Exam Marks Distribution

The mark distribution of PSC examination would remain unchanged. Currently, there are 6 subjects in class 5. The government has made a total of 600 marks exam system. Every subject is equal to 100 marks. You would get different grades in each subject based on your obtaining marks out of 100. In each subject, you would have to answer both the broad question and short question. Marks distribution will be mentioned in the question what will be asked. It also remains unchanged like previous year. Let us have a look at a glance at the mark distribution of PSC exam.

Subject Total Marks
Bangla 100
English 100
Math 100
Social Science 100
General Science 100
Religious Studies 100

PSC Result MarkSheet 2024

Final Verdict

We believe that we are able to clear the confusion about PSC grading system. We hope, no one would have to face any trouble about it anymore. If you forget the grading system there is no problem. Our tutorial is always open for all. Hopefully, you can calculate your grade by following our tutorial. So, before publishing result, calculate your probable grades from your probable marks which you are expecting in each subject.  Hopefully, you would get near to your expected result in the result publishing day.